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The NAPA company is a traditional, Czech maker of leather gloves. lt has been one of the biggest leather gloves manufacturers in the Czech Republic ever since its establishment in 1993. Through the subseqent years the NAPA company has extended its production of leather outdoor gloves to Particularly special purpose gloves and currently it has been one of the best manufacturer of driving gloves. The NAPA company provides gtóves both for domestic and for international market.

The NAPA company has gained trust of partners and clients not only due to the product quality but also due to helPful manners and professional approach ár its statr whose utmost prioroty is customers'satisfaction. Nowadays, the NAPA company is a household name in the glove-making industry - this is both pleasure and a commitment for its staff. our objective is to make gloves which meet high esthetic and quality requirements.

The NAPA company annualy presents gloves collection at the KABo fair in Brno where it displays both basic collection and also new trends for the upcoming season.

The NAPA company cooperates with important fashion designers and our products are presented at fashion shows.

The NAPA company caters to clients even with special gloves requirements concerning gloves selection and tailor-made products. One of our many satisfied customers is, for example, Mr.spejbl, the most famous puppet character in the czech Republic.


Manufacturing program

Gloves offer is made up of the following :

  • classic leather outdoor gloves for ladies and gents, long gloves for special events with and
  • without lining
  • driving gloves
  • motorbike gloves (historic)
  • historic fencing gloves
  • hunting gloves
  • gloves for police, army and security agencies
  • gloves for sport shooting
  • archery gloves
  • abseiling gloves
  • tacticalgloves
  • specialworking gloves


How are gloves made?

materials used

Materials used for glove making:

Leathers of local and foreign production

  • billy goat leather
  • lamb leather
  • pig leather
  • yearling (horse) leather
  • goat leather
  • calf leather
  • American deer leather
  • game (washable leather)


  • lamb
  • Tibetan lamb
  • rabbit
  • fox
  • mink



  • artificialsilk
  • pure silk
  • cotton
  • fleece
  • rabbit
  • ram
  • NanoAg anti-bacterial linings


  • wool
  • cashmir

Other materials

  • three-layer membrane materials
  • various kinds of cloth and knitwear
  • kevlar,nomex etc,

lndividual kinds of gloves can be optionally made of different materials, having various use features and thus the prices of even the same pattern can be different.

Gloves can be made from customeťs materials as well -custom work or the so called tailormade order.


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NAPA Dobříš s.r.o.

Příbramská 963

263 01 Dobříš

Telefon: + 420 603 249 729

 + 420 603 508 317

Email:  napa@volny.cz


NAPA Dobříš s.r.o.

Příbramská 963

263 01 Dobříš

Phone::        + 420 603 249 729

Cell phone: + 420 603 508 317

Email:  napa@volny.cz